Get to Know Jeff Williams – Rotarian of the Year

Jeff ROY

Jeff Williams joined Rotary at the beginning of 2020 but truly became a Rotarian when we moved into the 2020-2021 calendar year.

Jeff Williams- 2021 Rotarian of the Year

Jeff is a lifelong native of Hall County, former Red Elephant, and previous member of the University of Georgia Football team. He is passionate about his high school and college programs and loves to give back the communities that helped shape who he is today.

As the business development director for Conditioned Air Systems, Jeff already possessed a natural ability to talk to various members of the business community and get outside his comfort zone to grow.  2020-2021 Club President Amanda Groover easily identified those skills as the things she was looking for to fit the New Membership Chair role. When Jeff stepped up to fill that position, the club experienced record growth in a year where most organizations saw sharp declines.   

Jeff’s constant willingness to say yes to everything made him a huge part of our largest efforts this past year.  Jeff constantly stepped up to do the things that no one else wanted to take on – even if it meant learning something soon.

Jeff taught himself to drive a fork-lift on YouTube to be prepared to help with our Farmer’s to Family effort and proceed to work with his company to donate the metal for our custom fabricated peace pole.  Jeff stepped up and stood in the rain to make sure the pole was installed prior to our dedication.

Jeff also made sure to bring along his family.  Jeff’s son Jericho proudly introduced himself and the world’s youngest Rotarian at our Peace Day Celebration and his wife – Jess- has joined us at several events. 

Jeff also exemplifies service above self and the four-way test in his actions outside of Rotary.  Jeff and his family have created a service organization called Joy for Justus after the tragic passing of one of their children.  The entire organization is passed around doing simple acts of kindness each year to honor the legacy and memory of their youngest child.  

Because of his constant willingness to go above and beyond for the club, he was recently identified as the South Hall Rotary Rotarian of the Year.  

Groover stated, “Jeff never said no when I asked him to help. He stepped up, learned the process, and made sure to share his love for our group with anyone who would listen in person or on social media.”

Jeff will continue in his role with our club next year as serving as our 2021-2022 President-Elect.  We congratulate Jeff and thank him for his continued service.