Promoting Literacy through Little Libraries

United Way Litte Library Book Drive

Meghan Mitchell and United Way President Jessica Dudley first visited the South Hall Rotary club at the end of June to consider joining the club.  During the club’s announcements it was mentioned that our club was looking at new creative ways to do service in our community.  Dudley was quick to ask for our assistance in collecting books.

Club leaders decide that collecting books could be an easy way to continue focusing efforts on literacy.  It was also a great project to be done through social distancing.  So, during the month of July, members of the South Hall Rotary club cleaned out their bookshelves or purchased new books to collect books for the United Way.

New club member Meghan Mitchell, who works for United Way, shared with the club that United Way was in the process of finding support to build new Little Libraries at laundry mats throughout the community. The organization currently has one that is in front of their office at the bus stop on Oak Street and supports numerous other locations hosted by schools and other community organizations.

The efforts of club members quickly resulted in over 400 books for the organization’s new Little Libraries.  Books were collected for adults and kids alike in order to provide variety for the books stocking the locations.

Club President Amanda Groover was able to coordinate Meghan’s new member induction ceremony with the book collection efforts.  “I truly hope today was a memorable day for Meghan that showed her our love for her joining our club as well as our love for quickly and simply serving others in our community.”

For more information about the need for books and new Little Libraries, reach out to United Way.

The South Hall Rotary Club meets weekly for lunch both in person and via zoom.  Please visit our meeting calendar for more information. Anyone who is interested in joining Rotary or seeing what Rotary is all about is welcome to visit on Wednesdays at noon.