Make an Impact in an Hour | Serving the Georgia Mountain Food Bank

Making an impact

Consider Volunteering Time, Money, or Food During this Holiday Season

By Amanda Groover

On Wednesday, November 17th, South Hall Rotary spent 1 hour at the Georgia Mountain Food Bank.  They donated their normal meeting time in exchange for manual labor at the local food bank.  During that short window, the club ate lunch and then help sort over 400 lbs. of recently donated items to be packed for food-insecure families in need during the holidays.

During that short window of time, the 10 people who participated in the service project got a quick lesson in the current state of food pantries across the United States.  They discovered there is a lot of work but very little extra food to go around. 

Denise Bernadi from the Georgia Mountain Food Bank discussed the significant drop in donations from the larger Feed America Food Organizations like the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  The food that is distributed by the local food bank typically comes through our partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank along with goods donated locally from retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and food drives.

However, shortages in the supply chain cycle have created a challenge for Georgia Mountain Food Bank to receive the typical donations from larger agencies.  Most of all donations being received by the food bank are through local food drives and direct financial contributions.

The increased cost of food and the reduction in available inventory on grocery store shelves has created a new challenge for the food pantry.  The South Hall Rotary club was inspired by those challenges and feels committed to help.  In the coming months, we will renew our focus on food insecurity and ways to inform the community of opportunities to be a partner in making sure we help the Food Bank get food to the local community partners.  

If you want to help or would like more information about food drives and donations, visit the Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s website.  If you don’t have the resources to do a food drive or donate money, please consider donating your time.  It is quite amazing what can be accomplished by just donating your lunch break to helping sort out cans.