June 20, 2022 – South Hall Rotary recently set sail on a dinner boat cruise to celebrate the closing of the Rotary year and recognize outstanding club service during the past year. During the evening’s activities, club member Andrew Davenport was recognized as the 2022 Rotarian of the Year.

Andrew served as the club’s membership chair for the 2021-2022 Rotary Year.  During the past twelve months, the club saw exceptional growth in new members coming out of a pandemic year.  Andrew has gone above and beyond representing the South Hall Rotary Club and Rotarians around the region by constantly wearing his Rotary pin when attending other community functions.

Andrew has also shown exceptional service above self in his professional life.  He has recently walked away from a profitable home inspection operation to start his own non-profit.

A New Veteran (501c3) has developed an education and self-reflection framework to help veterans better understand their disability entitlements through comprehensive cataloging of all of their medical and emotional experiences in a way that de-stigmatizes the services that they have qualified for during their service.  Andrew’s goal is to help anyone who has ever served in the US Military and experienced trauma, tell their story to get the benefits they deserve and are entitled to receive.

In addition, Andrew is a graduate of the University of North Georgia.  He was actually accepted to Ole Miss and declined admission to move to Dahlonega to be a part of the Core of Cadets.  Andrew has also served our country overseas.  He was in Baghdad on his 21st birthday celebrated with a subway sandwich.

Andrew was also recently recognized as 1 of 50 military-connected individuals across the United States with the distinguishment of Presidential Scholar in the Bush Institute’s Stand-To Veteran Leadership Program.  He is also involved in several other veteran-centric organizations and was recently appointed to the Greater Hall County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He is continuing in his role as Membership Chair during the upcoming Rotary year.

On a personal note, Andrew is originally from an area outside of New Orleans, LA and finished high school in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been a Georgia resident since that time and is the proud father to two amazing kids named Gabe and Pippa.