New Year, New Opportunities

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Rotary Opens Opportunities

President Amanda Groover is excited about the new year and new opportunities for the South Hall Rotary Club. 

RI President-elect Holger Knaack’s theme for 2020-21, Rotary Opens Opportunities, asks Rotarians to create opportunities that strengthen their leadership, help put service ideas into action, and improve the lives of those in need.

President Knaack honestly had no idea what we as Rotarians or society would be facing when he announced the new theme in January 2020.  However, Rotarians around the world recognize that this truly is a year of opportunity.   

In her new president’s address, Amanda told the South Hall Rotary club that she wanted everyone to really reflect on who we are and who we want to be as an organization.  “This is a year for change – we are already finding ourselves having to change and adapt whether we like it or not.   We are meeting somewhere new, having hybrid virtual meetings, and having to rethink the way we do the most basic functions as a club!”

She shared with the club that in week two of the year, the club already finds themselves almost halfway to being awarded Gold Club status once again. However, reaching that status meant considering the challenges of not only RI President Holger’s vision of opening doors but in considering District Governor Tina Davis Fischlin’ s passion for global projects and promoting peace.

Groover also pointed out that the club was going to be challenged to find new ways to serve the South Hall Community from the very start.  COVID hasn’t only impacted our meetings – it has impacted the way we serve, how we raise funds, and what opportunities we have with vocational tour involvement in our community.

Passing of the gavel from 2019-2020 President Rena to 2020-2021 President Amanda

New Membership Structure

The club board also announced that they had officially opened new opportunities for members with the revised club membership options and dues schedule. They hope these new opportunities for membership open new doors for those who might have been challenged to join in the past.

Amanda asked those in attendance who were either a long time member or brand new to our group to “commit yourself to change this year, to commit yourself to doing your part of making this a great club and whether that means jump in and be a part of the group for the first time or recommitting yourself to service projects or lunches. Each one of us having a unique way of being a smaller part of a larger whole!”

The new year also brings on new club officers.  We would like to welcome those who are willing to put service above self this upcoming year to help lead our club. This year’s officers are:

  • President: Amanda Groover
  • President-Elect: Brenda McMillan
  • Executive Treasurer: Bill Patterson
  • Treasurer: Rena Pendley
  • Membership Retention Chair: Brain Cantel
  • New Membership Chair: Jeff Williams
  • Public Relations Chair: Mandy Volpe
  • Family of Rotary: Christy Moore
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Tim Hayes
  • Club Fundraising Chair: Sean Childers
  • Youth Services Chair: Jay Kelly

Leadership Development

As Amanda introduced this year’s board she referred back to the first pillar of this year’s internal theme to strengthen Rotarian’s leadership skills by making a promise to recommit the club to not only introducing them to new things in the community but having the club pour back into each of them as leaders and encouraging them to create their own Rotary College of Knowledge (ROCK) presentations along with encouraging Classification talks for both new and seasoned members.

I hope that through leadership development you will see whole new group of Rotarians step up to lead the club in the coming years.

The South Hall Rotary club regularly meets each Wednesday in rotating locations throughout South Hall. Exact information about upcoming club meetings can be found on our event page or on the club’s Facebook Page.