South Hall Rotary Dedicates New Peace Pole

peace pole banner

On very rainy May 4th, several South Hall Rotarians joined with members of the City of Oakwood commission to dedicate a new Peace Pole in the downtown area.

A peace pole is a dedicated statue that is designed to remind citizens of the message – May Peace Prevail.  Peace poles exist all over the world.  The one located in Oakwood is now one of more than 200,000 in 180 countries. 

“One of our many objectives for our club this year was to fabricate and dedicate a peace pole in the South Hall community,” stated Club President Amanda Groover.  “We spent a lot of time trying to identify a location that would be visible to who live, work and play in our community.” 

The club began working with the City of Oakwood to install the pole with the possibilities of it being relocated in a few years to a site located along the southern expansion of the highlands to islands trail. 

Groover shared that they “want this pole to be a beacon for the community, so it was designed with future lighting in mind as well as custom designed and fabricated as a unique sculpture. We hope to get it identified by the Vision 2030 Art community.”

The custom fabrication was created and donated by Thomas Prather of Conditioned Air Systems, powdered coated at Georgia Powder Coatings, and landscaping provided by the Landscape Management Company.  We are extremely grateful for the community support.

Peace Pole featuring the words May Peace Prevail on Earth in Five Languages

We owe a debt of gratitude to not only the companies who dedicated their services but to club members Jeff Williams of Conditioned Air and Corey Benson of Landscape Management who helped us reach our deadline on this project.

The new pole located in Oakwood is a five-sided metal fabrication that depicts the words – May Peace Prevail in English, Spanish, German, Korean, and Vietnamese.  The languages were chosen to represent the most common languages and businesses in the South Hall community.   

This idea for peace pole projects began with Mr. Masahisa Goi saw the aftermath of the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima.  Mr. Goi wanted a reminder that words, thoughts, and intentions carry energy strong enough to influence the destiny of all living beings.  His hope was that by speaking, acting, and living in the spirit of the simple prayer – May Peace Prevail on Earth – he could affect future generations.

In her final thoughts, Groover mentioned the potential for future peace pole projects with the city.  “The ultimate vision is looking past this project on to future club presidents who can donate benches, help move this along the trail, even donate a second pole with a flag that represents more languages as our community grows.”