Get to Know President Brenda McMillian

Get to know Brenda

For Brenda McMillian, the path to becoming President of the South Hall Rotary Club was one of encouragement from several past presidents and at least one professional colleague.  The club’s 2021-22 leader was invited by three previous presidents to succeed them in the role.  McMillian declined the first two, but when Amanda Groover made the ask, she knew it was time.

“The Chairman of the Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority (LLIDA) Board thought it would be a good thing for me to get into a leadership position, so that was really the final push to get me to accept,” McMillian said.

Beginning with a degree in horticulture, McMillian’s career path took her from maintenance at a company to an administrative role in the same firm.  The journey led her to her current role as Business Operations Manager at LLIDA.

McMillian’s Rotary path began five years ago when she was invited to the South Hall Club by Benny Bagwell.  Since then, she has worked tirelessly to make an impact on the community through her service in the club.

When Rotary District 6910 Governor Mike Berg visited the club on August 4, he described the “Rotary Moment,” as something every Rotarian experiences.  For McMillian, the moment was with South Hall Rotary’s Interact Club at Johnson High School.   The event was an opportunity for area foster parents to get a reprieve while club members played with and helped the children with craft projects.

“True community outreach to me is helping in any situations or any ways possible, even if we do have to get creative, to give each individual person a spark of joy,” she said of the effort.

McMillian’s Rotary Moment is just one example of her vision for the club during her year as president.  She wants the club to be more involved in the South Hall community.

“We just did the (baby) formula drive and the school supply drive, and that’s the kind of thing I want to do more of,” she said.  “We also filled the Little Free Libraries, so I want to continue to do that as well.  (I want to) increase our fundraising so that we can give more to our community.”

At home, the mother of two daughters, one a senior in high school and the other a University of North Georgia student, described them as the driving force in her life.  Her parents, siblings, co-workers, small dog and others all fit into her broad definition of the word family.

“I just try to look at everybody as family,” she said.  “Rotary is family and my church family is family.”

South Hall Rotary Club members are thankful to have McMillian as their president and a member of the Rotary family.