Rotary Club Presents $500 Scholarship at LCCA

2020 Betsy Clausen Scholarship | LCCA | Deanna Lewis

The South Hall Rotary Club withstood the COVID-19 and the rain on Wednesday May 27th to participate in the Lanier College and Career Academy’s (LCCA) graduation ceremony.  During the event, Club President Rena Pendley and President- Elect Amanda Groover were able to recognize was on hand at the 2020 Betsy Clausen Scholarship.

This year’s $500 Scholarship Recipient was Deanna Lewis.  Ms. Lewis was chosen by the faculty and staff of LCCA as the student that showed exceptional true leadership and character amongst their peers.  

Assistant Principal Carol Summers noted that Deanna “is a natural leader at LCCA with a notable work ethic for a high school student.”  Deanna enrolled in LCCA her junior year because she wanted to focus on her academics and explore career opportunities.  While excelling in academics, she took career technical classes in Cosmetology, Ag. Mechanics and Culinary.  Deanna’s desire was to truly “explore” career options during high school. 

Through “career and self” exploration, Deanna discovered that her true passion was to help others in the healthcare industry.  Although she completed graduation requirements in December 2019, she continued in the CNA program at the school.  She will continue that training this fall and Lanier Tech as she pursues a degree as an EMT or registered nurse.

2020 Betsy Clausen Scholarship Winner | Deanna Lewis | LCCA
Rena Pendley and Amanda Groover are shown with recipient Deanna Lewis.

“Deanna exhibits the personal and professional skills to be successful wherever life may lead” stated Summers.  

Ms. Lewis exemplifies the characteristics of the student that the South Hall Rotary hoped to serve with the creation of this scholarship. The Betsy Clausen scholarship is the only dedicated scholarship for LCCA unlike most high schools in Hall County School System that have numerous scholarship opportunities. 

“We know that the students at LCCA often overcome more challenges or need to walk a different path than most Hall County students to graduate.  So, we take special pride in our ability to recognize the awarded student each year” said Pendley.

This is the second year the South Hall Rotary has presented this scholarship to a deserving student at LCCA. As the only scholarship given to an LCCA student each year, South Hall Rotary is honored to be able to bless the best and brightest from the academy.