Rotary Establishes a Grant for GED Vouchers

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The South Hall Rotary club recently designated $1,000 toward GED Vouchers for Adult Education students in Hall County.  The goal of the grant is to help offset the state required cost for the four test needed to obtain the GED.

The grant was established after club members heard from Lanier Tech Interim President Tim McDonald about the Adult Education programs offered in our area. He was invited to the club to speak back in September during Rotary International’s month focused on basic education and literacy in our community.  He was able to talk about the programs successes and the challenges faced by participants.

“I was really moved by how possible we make adult education classes in our community and how heartbreaking it is for someone to struggle to be able to come up with the full $160 to pay for the tests” stated Club President Amanda Groover.

Many of the participants of the GED program are already struggling to make ends meet because they do not have a diploma.  Participants commit to attending classes that are offered free of charge but there is still a necessary cost commitment in the $40 per test for the four core subject areas. 

Lanier Tech Program Director Shannon Cole spoke to the challenges of finding spaces to provide classes in many geographic areas where Lanier Tech serves our community.  He mentioned that they specifically struggled to provide classes in the South Hall Community because of a lack of available meeting rooms.  However, he said that the students who do participate are willing to put in the effort to pass these tests.

The South Hall Rotary Club realized that it would be very easy to help supplement the cost of GED vouchers for members of our community that are working hard to improve the quality of their lives and the lives around them. Through the $1000 donation, 25 test vouchers can be provided for vetted students.

Rotary Club President Amanda Groover is shown with Lanier Tech President Tim McDonald and Adult Education Director Shannon Cole.

“We don’t want $40 or $80 or even $120 prevent someone from making an additional $10,000-$20,000 a year when they get past this hurdle.  Providing a grant for Lanier Tech to be able to provide vouchers is a really simple way we can help bridge that gap and hopefully help these students make a bigger investment in themselves and the community” stated Groover.

After a few months of working through the technicalities of making a program like this function, the club was excited to be able to dedicate funds this February to present to Lanier Tech in March.  The club was also able to partner with the Braselton Rotary Club to double the funds and add students from Jackson County to the grant opportunity.

We shared the program with club president Hardy Johnson and he was all for helping us support this opportunity. I would love to see it grow through all the programs in Lanier Tech’s service area” stated Groover. The club hopes to be able to celebrate the recipient’s successes at their GED graduation ceremonies as well as here the difference the GED programs have made in their lives.

“Sometimes of the smallest and simplest solutions can provide opportunities for huge impacts.  It was because of COVID-19 that we had the opportunity as a club to slow down and find simple ways to contribute.  We hope that this grant leads to an annual opportunity to support literacy and education in our communities.”

For more information about the GED programs at Lanier Tech, please visit their Adult Education Program.

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