Seeking out ways to Serve this Summer

Seeking out ways to Serve this Summer

Each summer the South Hall Rotary Clubs looks for ways to spend the hot days of the calendar year conducting service projects that don’t break the bank or too much sweat!  Fortunately, we were able to find two amazing community organizations to team up with over the course of the last few weeks.

Young Mothers and the Hispanic Alliance

Hispanic Alliance Director Vanesa Sarazua is shown with Amanda Groover

The club’s first efforts involved conducting a formula drive to benefit the Hispanic Alliance in Gainesville.  Club Past President Amanda Groover had the opportunity to meet Alliance Director Vanesa Sarazua a few months back to learn more about the group’s most pressing needs.  One of the things that hit home with Groover was the number of young Hispanic women in our community that did not have adequate nutritional resources for their newborn children. 

“Vanesa mentioned that many young mothers were afraid to go to local hospitals when delivering their children because they feared deportation.  So, a lot of them would deliver their children at home without medical assistance,” stated Groover.

The Hispanic Alliance was working on offering parenting classes and helping these mothers connect with services to provide food.  However, Sarazua rarely could find donations of formula to bridge the gap.  The South Hall Rotary club stepped up this summer to start a collection program to provide formula for these new babies.

Free Hair Cut Event with Mathews & Co

Boxes of Supplies Donated to the Salon

The next opportunity for our club presented itself just a few weeks afterward.  Local hair salon Matthews & Company started spreading the message about their annual free hair cut event for low-income families where they would provide hair cuts and school supplies for students in South Hall.

Matthew Miller has plenty of staff on hand to provide the haircuts but was looking for ways to collect school supplies for the event.  Even though it was a last-minute effort, the club pulled together to bring in items for the collection.  It was a no-brainer to help assist students in South Hall.

The club collected sanitary wipes, notebooks, scissors, pens, pencils, composition books, and erasers for the kids who will participate in the day’s event. The South Hall Rotary club is always looking for opportunities to team up with other organizations to further the impact of our efforts in the community.