Stacey Solis the Recipient of the 2021 Betsy Clausen Scholarship

stacey solis betsy clausen scholarship

The Betsy Clausen LCCA Excellence Scholarship was established in 2019 by the South Hall Rotary Club to recognize an outstanding student at Lanier College and Career Academy. This $500 scholarship was designed to be used by a recipient who was attending post-secondary education at the school of their choice after graduation. This year’s recipient was Stacey Solis.

Shown in the photo is President Amanda Groover, Recipient Stacey Solis, President Elect Brenda McMillan, and LCCA Director Rhonda Samples

The Betsy Clausen scholarship was named in honor of our long-time club member and her spirit for students in our community.   Both Rotary and Betsy believe in the value of putting service above self, doing the right thing even if it is not the easiest thing, and leaving things better than we found them. Betsy’s legacy in Rotary surrounds itself with believing that anyone could do anything when they kept a positive spirit and surrounded themselves with the right people.

The club chooses to honor a student at LCCA because they demonstrate the passion of Betsy Clausen and the vision of this scholarship more than any school in Hall County.  We work each year with the faculty and staff to identify a student whose legacy and impact of serving others stands out.

Stacey highlights the qualities that Rotarian’s value the most. This student has proven to have great leadership skills that are more advanced than a typical high school student.  During her time at LCCA, she has received various honors including testing and receiving her ServSafe Certification.

Per members of the faculty and staff, she is always doing the right thing when no one is looking, is a consistent worker who follows through on her word, is constantly caring of others and seeks to help her peers in class.  She also searches for opportunities to grow, never fails to ask the right questions, and certainly seems destined for success.

For members of the South Hall Rotary, these qualities are exactly what we look for in future Rotarians who carry the banner of service above self.   Stacey plans to attend Lanier Tech in the fall.  We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.