South Hall Rotary kicked off their “You’ve Been Served Event” at the end of March to take a moment to serve our community.  The project was launched by Rotary Zones 33& 34 to allow clubs in the Zones to demonstrate Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self by performing acts of kindness and good deeds in their local communities. Local Clubs are working in conjunction with the Zones’ Public Image team to advertise this event dedicated to service across the Zones. The Zone hopes that this event will be successful in the inaugural year so that it can be replicated in the following years during the March and April time frame.

South Hall Rotary decided to theme their activities from March 23rd through April 23rd – Rotary Founder Paul Harris’s Birthday – as You’ve Been Served projects to promote the campaign.  The club created You’ve Been Served business cards to pass out while doing random acts of kindness in the community.

Several members joined together on Friday, April 1st at the Ingles on Winder Hwy to pass out gift cards to families to use toward groceries or gas.  Club Member Kim Ross said that “she was so grateful to be able to randomly bless 20 families with this act of kindness and see the smile on their faces.”

Club members walked around the parking lot finding random shoppers.  One club member encountered a former Rotarian from North Carolina who gave his gift card back to pay it forward to someone else.  He was impressed to see Rotary at work in his new community.

Additional activities are planned throughout the month of April to serve the South Hall Community.  Members of the club are encouraged to consider finding their own ways to serve our community daily.  Some ideas include:

  • Give a gas gift card to someone at the gas station
  • Give away a store gift card (i.e., Walmart, Target, etc.)
  • Help someone in need (i.e., carry groceries to the car)
  • Help someone with garden and yard work
  • Help repair someone’s home
  • Share your “you’ve been served” experience on social media
  • Donate to a worthwhile cause and invite others to join you
  • Pay for someone’s groceries or give away gift cards for groceries at the supermarket
  • Treat someone to a cup of coffee
  • Buy someone breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack
  • Offer to help someone engaged in a task to complete it    

Other upcoming club projects include the UNG Food Pantry donation, Diaper Bank Collection, Lake Lanier Sign Project Unveiling, and the Pay it Forward South Hall Digital Campaign. We look forward to recapping all the projects during April. Learn more about this Rotary Zone 33 & 34 Initiative at